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Example of Junk Science Junk science refers claims supposedly made based on science but not based on proper scientific practices, such as peer verification and observance of scientific methodologies. This is an alternative expression for 'pseudoscience', and is purely derogatory in all contexts. The definition of junk science is inaccurate or false studies, data and analysis which is used to create a biased opinion or to push a political agenda. An example of junk science is a study funded by the tobacco industry that finds second hand smoke isn't harmful. YourDictionary definition and usage example. What does junk science mean? junk science is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Untested or unproven theories when presented as scientific fact. Psychology Definition of JUNK SCIENCE: It is a cause of concern because judges, attorneys and juries often lack the scientific training to identify unsound research, the research is invalid and. Sep 07, 2007 · The most famous example of junk science is when scientists actually said that smoking tobacco was healthy and could improve your health. It took years to.

The mass media can often play a critical role in the early stages of a junk science epidemic. In 1986, for example, assisted by an inflammatory segment on CBS' 60 Minutes, plaintiff lawyers filed hundreds of claims blaming bizarre car accidents on an unidentified design defect in the Audi 5000. Jul 31, 2014 · Top 9 examples of what junk forensic science is all about.Australian grad student says she can narrow down bullet lead components to specific companies = 97% accuracy. Conclusion: Prodovite is a good example of bad science. The claims for Prodovite are nothing but speculation, wishful thinking, self-deception, placebo responses, and junk science. The one published study is a travesty; live blood cell analysis is a bogus test that cannot provide “evidence”.

Junk Science Is distinguished from “True Science ” in that it relies on faulty scientific methodology Researchers take a hypothesis frequently that they have prejudged to be correct, and attempt to confirm or “prove ”the hypothesis is correct using anecdotal evidence again, confirmation bias. Anyone knowledgeable about epidemiology was appalled when, in 1992, EPA labeled secondhand smoke as a carcinogen based on a relative risk of 1.19 — well within the noise range of statistical correlations and essentially a no-correlation finding.

Dr. DeFazio defines "junk science" as having none of the qualities of hard science, and engaging in manipulating inapplicable statistics and opinion polls "data" to make it appear as if the data is quantitative. Junk science, he states, it not reproducible, predictable, or falsifiable.

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